September 5th, 2014

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September 3rd, 2014




If you don’t love Wallace, you’re wrong.

who wouldnt reblog wallace wells

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August 30th, 2014

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August 28th, 2014


roswell rewatch 2014 // ch-ch-changes

Dear Max, "What’s so great about normal?" Do you remember when you asked me that? Back then, the answer was, "Nothing." Because of you, Max. Because of how much you love me. Now, though, the answer is different. Normal is something I need, and that’s why I have to leave. I have to figure out what my life means… away from Roswell and away from you. Don’t hate me for doing this. I love you more than you can ever know.

Done with Roswell! Watched all 3 seasons! I’m glad I did even though I doubted the last season, it did end really well, it was cheesy, but I was happy! Now onto Arrow, Bates Motel with the boyfriend and Witches of East End! :)

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Why do I love dysfunctional families so much. Like everytime I watch something and there’s a dysfunctional family, i watch the crap out of it and almost become obsess. Exemples include Bates Motel, American Horror story, and various other shows and movies….